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Welcome to the Rurouni Kenshin RPG: Himura_Gumi

This RK RPG originally started on July 7, 2006 and the action of the first phase of the game ended in January 2009. The second phase began February 2009. Please visit gumi_apps to apply for available characters.

Plot: Himura_gumi Part 1 took place post-Jinchuu by six months placing it at the end of the RK manga except for the last chapter. During that six months, Kenshin and Kaoru got married and lived at the Kamiya Dojo. In Himura_gumi Part 1 Sano, Megumi, and Saitou had gone their separate ways, but all returned to Tokyo. Aoshi & Misao had returned to Kyoto, but came back to Tokyo, also.
The first installment of the game (HG Pt 1) started on Friday, May 23, 1879 and ended on Saturday, October 4, 1879.

Our new game play started on Sunday, January 1, 1882 Players applying for characters who may have left Tokyo during the intervening years (October 4, 1879 to January 1, 1882) need to provide an explanation for their return to Tokyo and are encouraged to make their return a game event. We love Gumi Parties!

We all love the RK characters and want them to be as IC as possible – but ultimately that is up to each member to decide for his or her character. For example: Players are not limited to the usual couples or closing plot line of RK in any way.

Player Rules:

1. You are now entering the RK Zone, please leave your drama at the door.

2. Players must be 18 or older.

3. Players may apply for a second character after they have successfully played their first RK character for 1 full game day. Players may apply for a third character after they have successfully played their first and second characters for 2 full game days. This second or third character may be from RK, an historical character from the Meiji Era, another Meiji Era fandom or an OC. (Dead characters stay dead. Ex: Shishio) We will also consider allowing a 4th character for players who are very active in the game and keep current with all of their threads on a regular basis. (Please note that Original Characters are only allowed as a second, third, or fourth character.)

4. Posting keeps the game moving and shows you are still interested in playing here at Himura_gumi. Players should try to post their character(s) a minimum of once a week, two or three times is preferred.

5. If you need to take a hiatus from posting for whatever reason, just post a message in the OCC Community. You don't have to post the reason, just the duration of your absence. Players who are inactive for over a month without posting a notice in the OCC community will be contacted by the Mods to discuss their intentions.

6. Players should contact each other regarding questions or concerns about postings, plots, and participation in threads. Be aware that something that impacts your character may have been totally unintentional. Players may not direct each other’s characters without permission. Players should resolve any questions between them generously. Feel the love and keep the peace, people.

7. All of a thread post except for the heading should be placed behind an lj-cut to keep the game board looking neat and attractive. The heading lists the date, time, place, characters and the rating (G to NC-17). The heading information should be visible to all, and not part of the text placed in the cut. Players should request permission to join a thread unless it is labeled Open to ALL. Players may play out a thread in journals or IM/YM and then post it in game if it is appropriately edited to fit the LJ format. These threads would not be open to others.

8. Relationships between characters are totally up to their players. Canon couples are respected but not mandated. Other non-traditional relationships, including yaoi/yuri are allowed.

9. At the end of each game day, during the game's first phase which was played from July 2006 to the end of January 2009, many players posted a short summary with links to their character’s activities on our synopsis board at gumi_synopsis. This helped players and readers enjoy the game to the fullest and helped ease any new Players into the game more quickly. For the new game play that begins in February 2009 we will not ask players to post a daily synopsis of their character's activities. However, there may be a short daily character synopsis generated by one of the Mods.

10. Entries are to be written in the third person. You may write individual character journals but all RP must be in Himura_Gumi, though chat logging is allowed. Players are encouraged to write character journals and use them for fun and games.

11. Posts Rated G to NC-17 may be posted in game with the appropriate rating label. The amount of NC-17 material posted should be only a minor part of a character's posts.

12. At the end of each game day (about every three or four weeks), the Mods will set up a group chat. While we will try to make this chat easy for all to attend, we ask that you try to make it for at least a few minutes. If you can't be there, both of the Mods will try to set up an individual chat with you just to touch bases. In these chats we discuss plot ideas, rules and player suggestions. A transcript of the chat will be available in Himura Gumi Mods - Chats. A link to this is located in the links list on the left side of the game board.

13. If you have a question, comment, concern, or anything at all, please contact the mods. We will ba glad to help you with whatever you might need. Response time will vary, of course, but we will try to get back to you in a day or so. You may e-mail one of us or both of us, but the e-mail will be forwarded to the other so feel free to only e-mail one.

Email: nocturneequuis@gmail.com
AIM: Night_Mare_Chan
Notes: I am in college right now so the response might be delayed.

Email: anreg1@yahoo.com
AIM: momstaizu
Notes: I can usually reply either the same day or the next day. (I'm in the Pacific time zone, so will not be around until later in the day for you easterners.)

Timing. - A new day will dawn at Himura_Gumi every three weeks (or at a longer interval depending on community consensus). Players may continue a thread which has already started for as long as it takes to finish. Players may go ahead in time if they wish. No going back in time unless you have a placeholder on the day to which you want to return. No new threads for the previous day once a new day has started unless you have a placeholder posted for that day. This will allow players to participate in threads for more than one day at a time. Player co-ordination is urged to help this run smoothly.

Sample Thread Label:

Date: May 23, 1879
Time: Morning
Place: Kamiya Dojo
Characters: Kenshin and Kaoru Only
Rating: R

LJ Cut title goes here (lj-cut text=”thead comment here”)
For help in using an LJ Cut, go here
(No going backwards in time unless using one of your previously posted placeholders.)

Players may Copy and Paste this to use for their threads:

Our sincere thanks and gratitude to Aurora and Fujifunmum for creating and setting up this community!
Anreg and Night_Mare_Chan