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Himura_Gumi RPG
More Romantic Tales From the Meiji Era
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2nd-Dec-2015 12:00 am(no subject)
pic#72881732 Flower Garden
Just my annual 'please don't delete' message in case LJ is in the account purging mood.
19th-Sep-2014 02:16 pm - Please Don't Delete
pic#72881732 Flower Garden
This is my annual post just in case LJ is in a 'purging' mood for accounts that haven't been used for a while.

I'm sure that all of you know that the second 2 RK live action movies premiered in Japan this August and September 2014.
2nd-Oct-2013 09:25 pm - Please don't delete
pic#72881732 Flower Garden
Posting just in case LJ is purging accounts for not being used.
6th-Sep-2012 03:00 am - Gumi Reloaded on ffnet
pic#72881732 Flower Garden
As the threads of Gumi Reloaded are finished, they are being posted on ffnet. If you are interested in reading please go to the Gumi Reloaded profile page on ffnet.

8th-Apr-2012 11:02 pm - This RK RPG is officially on hiatus
pic#72881732 Flower Garden
This historical cannon Ruroni Kenshin rpg is now on hiatus. Someday, if we get a hankering to write more for a Meiji era Rurouni Kenshin rpg, we may return and start up again.

But for now, if you are interested in a future era, alternate universe Rurouni Kenshin rpg please visit us at Gumi_Reloaded (http://gumi-reloaded.dreamwidth.org/).

The Gumi_Reloaded profile page has a link to the Gumi_Reloaded application page, if you are interested in applying for a character.
22nd-Aug-2010 12:34 am - Fahrenheit 212
Smiling Megumi
Date: Sunday, February 5, 1882
Time: Late Afternoon onward, through Evening
Place: Gensai Clinic, Tokyo Streets, Elsewhere? 
Characters: Megumi (eventually, this will be an open thread, please let me know if you want to join)
Rating: R (for graphic depiction of death, injury)

“What is deservedly suffered must be borne with calmness, but when the pain is unmerited, the grief is resistless.” ~ OVIDCollapse )
13th-Aug-2010 09:07 pm - Your Thoughts are Worth a Ryo to Me
Date: Sunday, February 5, 1882
Time: Early Morning, Right After Megumi Talks to Tokio
Place: Gensai Clinic Kitchen
Characters: Megumi, Sano
Rating: PG-13

Curiosity is his middle name, at least where his fox is concerned...Collapse )
28th-Jul-2010 08:38 pm - It's too early for morning
Date: Sunday, February 5, 1882
Time: Early, early morning
Place: Kamiya Dojo
Characters: Kenshin, Kaoru, and Kenji
Rating: PG/PG-13?

Add bedwarmer to that list of duties, Kenshin...Collapse )
28th-Jul-2010 04:38 pm - Shopping With Miss Honjo
Date: Sunday, February 5, 1882
Time: Late Morning or Early Afternoon
Place: Near some shops
Characters: Kamatari, Open
Rating: PG-13

Never Stand Between A Fabulous Man and His ShoppingCollapse )
Smiling Megumi
Date: Sunday, February 5, 1882
Time: Late Morning: After Tokio Sada and Sanosuke leave the clinic, before Megumi goes shopping and her house gets broken into
Place: En route from the clinic to the Aoimizu via a courier.
Characters: Megumi, others?
Rating: PG/PG-13 (for less than happy news)

See the letter that Megumi sent to Soujirou....Collapse )
27th-Jul-2010 12:07 am - It's Time to Tell
Date: Sunday, February 5, 1882
Time: Morning: After leaving the clinic, but before going to the Akabeko at noon.
Place: Fujita home
Characters: Saitoh, Tokio
Rating: PG/PG-13 (Depending on the Wolf’s reaction to what his wife reveals.)
There are no secrets between usCollapse )
25th-Jul-2010 10:46 pm - There's No Place Like Home
Date: Sunday, February 5, 1882
Time: Early Evening
Place: The Dojo Soujirou and Enishi bought, the Aoimizu
Characters: Enishi, Soujirou
Rating: R

The latch was tricky, but somehow, his fingers remembered.Collapse )
23rd-Jul-2010 01:35 pm - Panthera Tigris Amoyensis
Date: Sunday, February 5, 1882
Time: Late Afternoon
Place: Open Streets of On-Fire Tokyo, the Dojo Soujirou and Enishi bought.
Characters: Enishi ("Liang"), OPEN
Rating: R (Hard to assume less, with this guy.)

Turn The Key, Unlock the Door.Collapse )
Meg's eye (fear or surprise)
Date: Sunday, February 5, 1882
Time: Early in the afternoon
Place: Market Place, Clinic, Elsewhere? 
Characters: Megumi, Enishi ("Liang Shen") Others? 
Rating: Who Knows? (Let's start at R to be on the safe side)

“There are only two people who can tell you the truth about yourself - an enemy who has lost his temper and a friend who loves you dearly.” Antisthenes Collapse )
20th-Jul-2010 03:37 am - Swan Song for the Akabeko
Date: Sunday, February 5, 1882
Time: Lunch time! Yum-Yum! (Around Noon)
Place: Akabeko
Characters: Tae, Tsubame, Tsuyoshi, Tokio, Kenshin, Kenji
Rating: PG-13 or ? (Depending on the degree of mayhem)

This day only seems to be getting worse...I should have stayed in bed this morning!Collapse )
19th-Jul-2010 04:31 pm - A Tale of the Wild Woods of Tokyo
Smiling Megumi
Date: Sunday, February 5, 1882
Time: The wee hours of the morning, well before dawn
Place: Between Kyoto and Tokyo on a train
Characters: Megumi, NPC
Rating: PG-13

Read more...Collapse )
19th-Jul-2010 03:24 pm - No...no seriously.
Date: Sunday, February 5, 1882
Time: very very early Morning
Place: Somewhere in Yoshiwara
Characters: Eiji, Yahiko
Rating: PG-13

I swear to drunk I'm not GodCollapse )
19th-Jul-2010 01:41 am(no subject)
pic#72881732 Flower Garden
Date: Sunday, February 5, 1882
Time: Early Morning, After Tokio's encounter with Liang, after her trip to the market, and after Megumi has arrived home from the train station
Place: Gensai Clinic Front Porch
Characters: Tokio, Megumi
Rating: PG

This is more than I can deal with myself...Collapse )
18th-Jul-2010 09:39 pm - The FOX Returns to her Roost(er)
something wicked this way comes

Date: Sunday, February 5, 1882
Time: Early Morning
Place: Tokyo Main Train Terminal
Characters: Megumi, Sanosuke, Tae
Rating: NC-17 for amazing group sex with a matched luggage set  PG for now.

Meg is back from Kyoto.....Collapse )
17th-Jul-2010 07:21 pm - And Where The Hell Have You Been?
Enishi Purple Hair
Date: Sunday, February 5, 1882
Time: Early Morning
Place: Near An Apothecary
Characters: Enishi ("Liang Shen"), Soujirou
Rating: NC17

Certain dark appetites...Collapse )
17th-Jul-2010 03:34 am - A Bad Thing Returns
Date: Sunday, February 5, 1882
Time: Before Dawn
Place: The Streets of Tokyo
Characters: Enishi (Who currently thinks his name is Liang Shen), OPEN
Rating: R

Who is this Enishi guy?Collapse )
5th-Jan-2010 09:44 pm - Sunday, February 5, 1882
weather girl
Sunday, February 5, 1882

It’s dry and cold today with enough of a breeze to fan a fire, and enough of a chill to put ice on top of a bucket of water.


Wow, February already! After all the mess and noise of visiting family I'm glad to come back to the serenity of my own dear loving sister's house! No new news other than political corruption what is not fit to print because I would rather not be tortured to death. Though I did see some suspicious characters when I was making my morning gossip rounds.

WaNt A GoOd TiMe? CoMe To ThE ShInJoUiNo!
We HaVe ThE PrEtTiEsT WoMeN CoMmOdItIeS aT rEaSoNaBlE pRiCeS!
LeAvE yOuR tRoUbLeS aT tHe DoOr!
or you will quickly come to regret it....
22nd-Dec-2009 12:08 am - Now that the snow is gone..
Date:January 8th, 1882
Time: Early Evening
Characters: Yahiko, Tsubame (closed)
Place: Streets of Tokyo, Tsubame's house, elsewhere?
Rating: PG

Let us walk down this road together, hand in handCollapse )
4th-Dec-2009 02:16 pm - Sunday, January 8, 1882
weather girl
Sunday, January 8, 1882

Can you say ‘slush is dirty and irritating’? If you can’t, you better learn, because that is what the weather is gifting us today. Sloppy, wet former snow is now turning into little rivers in all the streets, creating mud, the bane of all women and one red-headed ex hikotori who do their family’s laundry. Remember that melting snow = water, and water + dirt = mud.

What a mess. Better lift the hems of those kimono and western dresses, or you will spend hours trying to scrub out the mud. No this is not the time for all you perverts out there to do some ankle watching. Please give the ladies a break and keep those eyes of yours above the knees of all the respectable women in town.
29th-Jul-2009 01:10 am - Saturday, January 7, 1882
weather girl
Saturday, January 7, 1882

Whew! That was sure some snowstorm we had late yesterday afternoon and into the evening. I hope that all of you were snug at home. I was. My bed warmer husband was a real sweetie; kept me real toasty all night long even though it was freezing outside.

I hate to tell you this, but it is going to keep snowing until dawn. Then I dare you to even try to get around town. It won't be easy with all the snow on the ground! Did someone say sleigh ride? Where are the bearskin throws? Didn't we import some of those from Russia?

Can all of you say, “Hokkaido here we come?” because today you are going to feel like you have relocated to Japan’s northern coast.

This will be a great day to stay inside and snuggle up. Oh…does this mean the patter of more little feet nine months from now in the household of a wolf-like law enforcement officer, and in the dojo of a black-haired, bokken wielding woman who can't cook?

Since it is the weekend your husband should be home to help you amuse your children. (We all know how nicely housebound children tend to behave.) They will probably want to go out and play in the snow, but take my advice and make them stay inside. With the wind chill factor, they could fall victim to frostbite, not to mention that they could get lost in those snow drifts out in your yard. and you probably wouldn’t find the little darlings until the spring thaw.

High temps will be in the mid twenties (F), so bundle up! (I know Japan measures temps in Celsius, but I’m too lazy I don’t feel like doing the Fahrenheit conversion.)

Oh, speaking of Russians reminds me.

Special note to our European visitors of the Orthodox faith, “Merry Christmas!”

If I recall correctly, my brother, the newsboy, was begging for a blizzard. So he should be *very* happy about the recent events. He may still be playing in the snow working on his news articles.


Because my brother is still playing in the snow working on his news articles, I will do a brief report in his absence.

There was a case of under age drinking reported on January 2nd. Apparently a local swordmaster, potter hermit allowed his grandson to partake in a celebratory New Year's drink of expensive sake which was reported to be a gift from an admirer of the man's clay creations.

It is our understanding that the sake swilling toddler child suffered no permanent brain damage. In fact the incident put the boy to sleep, revealing that sipping sake is a good way to insure that over active little boys will take their nap. The child's father parents were not available for comment.

Does the bokken weilding, non-cooking mother of this child even know what happened when that husband of hers was baby sitting?

A bit of other juicy gossip news: During last night's snow storm a pair of virgin lips recieved their first kiss and quite a few more! Whoot! Not only that, but it was also reported that there was gasp! a blanket scenario played out in the Gumi! Are those characters even old enough to do that? Apparently, someone related to local law enforcement, who was in the next room, slept through the whole incident so it can't be as scandalous as I am trying to make it sound.
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